vmav2My name is Vincent Madison and I will be your travel host.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity to discover our amazing world as a Globespotter virtual traveler and to learn along the way. On our travels we will find secret places that few have ever seen. We will discover places that have been forgotten and abandoned. We will visit exotic and beautiful places. We will see unseen treasures that are unbelievable yet some are right before our eyes.

As part of our travels, we will uncover the history of places – learning how they came to be and their unique story. We will learn about the geography of places, the science and the mystery.

As a special treat, Globespotter will offer interactive adventures that will require you to find answers and uncover secrets. To participate in our interactive adventures – click on ‘Interactive‘ on the menu at the top of the page.

Above all our mission is to have fun while we explore and learn about our amazing world!

Join us as we head off in search of adventure and understanding.

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