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Road-tripping it old school style, in a 1977 VW Camper on Two Lanes. Come along for the ride…

Adventures in a Vintage VW Camper ?>

Adventures in a Vintage VW Camper

77WestyGlobespotter  is hitting the road and wants you to come along!

My 1977 Vintage VW Westy is ready for adventure and this summer is the kick-off!

This blog will be a visual and written diary of old-fashioned road tripping and adventure as I explore North America, hippie-style.

Be sure to check back for updates, and if you are one of the folks who is embracing the ‘Bus Life’ by traveling or living out of your VW bus, let us know by using the hashtag #globespotterworld on Instagram or Twitter, or by sending us a note at the ‘Contact Us‘ link here.

I would love to feature you here on Globespotter!

– Doug


I bought a VW bus! ?>

I bought a VW bus!

78WestySome of you know how nuts I am about vintage Volkswagen’s. My very first car was a 1971 red VW Super Beetle.

Back in May 2012, my daughter Sara and I flew to Sacramento, CA to buy a green 1971 VW Super Beetle and drive it back to our home in Ontario, Canada via Route 66. The story and a video about that adventure can be seen here.

At the time we had really wanted to buy a vintage VW bus, as I had one back in the mid 1980’s when I first got married and they are just cool.

The prices for VW buses were just crazy though, so we settled on the Bug. Ever since, I have still been thinking about getting a VW bus, and this year I finally got an awesome opportunity after searching and even looking at quite a few that were rusted badly.

I was ready to head back to California to get a solid one, but with both the prices on buses and the terrible exchange rate on the US $, it would have cost me from $18,000 to $20,000 to get one that probably still needed some work.

This beautiful 1977 VW Westfalia Camper Bus is what I found, and I am flying out to beautiful British Columbia next week to pick it up.