For our next interactive adventure, you will need to think back to a flight that we took 8 years ago.


We saw a few things when we looked out the window. Our next destination is somewhere that we saw but did not go to on our flight.

What place is it?






A few photos to bring back memories of what we saw out the window during Flight 213:


Congratulations to AJ who identified Bouvet Island as our destination. (3rd Row, Far Left Photo) We flew over Bouvet Island on March 16th 2006 during Flight 213. We could not land there then as we were flying a Boeing 777.

This time however, we are going to Bouvet Island. What do we know about this place?


Here is the photo AJ took from our Flight 213 Away team expedition in Antarctica in March 2006:

Points awarded if you can name all of the members of the Away Team!




















Do you need a clue? How about our Flight 213 Seating chart: