I bought a VW bus! ?>

I bought a VW bus!

78WestySome of you know how nuts I am about vintage Volkswagen’s. My very first car was a 1971 red VW Super Beetle.

Back in May 2012, my daughter Sara and I flew to Sacramento, CA to buy a green 1971 VW Super Beetle and drive it back to our home in Ontario, Canada via Route 66. The story and a video about that adventure can be seen here.

At the time we had really wanted to buy a vintage VW bus, as I had one back in the mid 1980’s when I first got married and they are just cool.

The prices for VW buses were just crazy though, so we settled on the Bug. Ever since, I have still been thinking about getting a VW bus, and this year I finally got an awesome opportunity after searching and even looking at quite a few that were rusted badly.

I was ready to head back to California to get a solid one, but with both the prices on buses and the terrible exchange rate on the US $, it would have cost me from $18,000 to $20,000 to get one that probably still needed some work.

This beautiful 1977 VW Westfalia Camper Bus is what I found, and I am flying out to beautiful British Columbia next week to pick it up.


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One thought on “I bought a VW bus!

  1. Sweet! My very first car was a ’60 somethin’ powder blue VW! Generational I guess! ~ <3 ~