It’s the journey, not the destination… ?>

It’s the journey, not the destination…

ontheroadAs I make the drastic transition from urban commuting to ‘Bus Life’, I am faced with the realization that I have become used to the frantic pace of the city, and the expectations of immediate responses which leads to and breeds impatience.

The best vacations I ever had were those that were not planned at all. Being a planner however, I always seem to convince myself that it would be stressful not to plan. I worry about where I am going to stay for the night, or how my reservations and plans will all fail if something goes wrong along the way that delays me.

Getting out of that mindset is going to be a huge challenge, but one that I know I need to do.

My trip last weekend was a good example. I planned where I was going, I reserved the campsite, and as soon as I was on the road, my focus seemed to be on my destination.

I didn’t enjoy the drive as much as I might have if my focus was not on getting there. I would have stopped more and explored.

What if I didn’t really have a destination? How would that change things?

I am planning another trip in June – in about 3 weeks actually – to Vermont and New Hampshire. I think I am going to bite the bullet and just hit the road. I won’t put a destination in the GPS, and I’ll try to stick to the Blue Highways as much as possible, stopping along the way when I see something interesting because I won’t have any pressure to get somewhere on time.

I want this trip to be more of an adventure that unfolds as I go – living in the present and not thinking about where I need to be, or when I need to be there.

I’d like to document my adventures in a more personal and hopefully interesting way – more short videos of me exploring and stopping to meet people and find cool things along the way.

I also struggle with letting go of technology. I would rather use old fashioned maps than GPS, although I figure it wouldn’t hurt to bring the GPS along just in case. (See what I mean!)

Did you know that maps are really not that easy to buy anymore? I was dumbfounded when I asked at a large Gas Station if they had maps on my last trip, and they said no.

If the GPS system ever goes down (and you know it will one day), you better hope you still have your trusty maps handy.

I am learning as I go, and growing as I learn. In a way it feels like going back in time, and that’s not a bad thing from my perspective.

I hope you follow along, and I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. You can leave them below.

– Doug



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