Grey Water Tank ?>

Grey Water Tank

I decided to install a small grey water tank, to avoid the original design that just let the sink water flow out the bottom of the camper onto the ground (or into a small bucket if you put one under there).

When I used to camp in my 79 Westy back in the mid 1980’s it wasn’t unusual to dump grey water onto the ground, but now it is really frowned upon, and in some parks they won’t even let you camp in the boondocking sites with a VW camper if it does not have a grey water holding tank.

I happened to see a post in the Vanagon section of The Samba Forum with a nice description of making a homemade grey water tank:

I decided to follow that design, since it seemed simple, unobtrusive and with parts that were easy to find.

I removed all of the old trap/drain/vent pipe and replaced it with a clear hose that went down through the old drain hole (I drilled a hole in the drain cap the diameter of the new hose).

I used a length of black ABS pipe for the tank, and put the inlet at the top at the front of the tank:


You can see the clear inlet hose which curves under the tank, creating the trap needed to stop any smells from coming up into the sink, since the original trap was removed.

At the rear of the tank, at the top is a vent nipple. This will have a clear vent hose added that will go up in the right rear fender to vent the tank.

greywatertankrearAt the bottom is the drain pipe, which goes to a male hose connection with a shut off valve. This allows a hose to be attached to drain the tank.

The tank is attached to the bottom of the bus by strong zip ties which hold it securely:

greywatertank1Here you can see the drain hose curving under the tank, creating the trap.

The tank runs between the cross-members. It is not that big, but enough to store water used for minor weekend stuff.

As you can see, from the side of the bus, it is virtually impossible to see without bending down to look.


All in all, a fairly quick and easy mod that will be nice to have when camping in natural areas where you don’t want to dump grey water on the ground.



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