11 – Universal Studios

Written By: Globespotter - Sep• 23•12

In the morning we set off early for our Universal Studios VIP Tour. We had been told that L.A. traffic was really bad, but compared to Toronto, it seemed much the same to us – actually the drivers seemed a little better at merging on and off highway ramps.


At Universal Studios, the valet parking attendant seemed to really like the Bug. He was from Mexico where Bugs are like – well everywhere. He looked right at home as he parked it for us.



The Universal Studios VIP Tour is a lot more than the standard tour, but if you are interested in the actual making of movies and TV, it’s well worth it.

I had planned it as a surprise for my daughter who had just graduated from College, having taken film-making, so she loved it.






Instead if just driving through the back lot, we actually got the chance to get off the bus and wander around.




At the end of the tour a long escalator led back toward the main entrance. You can even get the weird illusion in the photo that the escalator is going straight up at a 90 degree angle. It was the weirdest feeling!


After the tour, we were treated to an amazing VIP lunch!


After a long but fun day, we headed back to Santa Monica and relaxed. We had decided to spend a few days here, mostly to relax, but also to make sure the Bug was ready for a long trip home.




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