3 – Douglas Brown

Written By: Globespotter - Oct• 02•12

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Douglas Brown, and I was born in 1958 in Edinburgh, Scotland and emigrated to Toronto, Canada with my family when I was eight years old in 1967.

I grew up in Montreal, Quebec, where I learned to drive, and found out how much I loved being on the open road.

That was 1975 when I was 16. We moved back to Toronto in 1976 and in 1977 when I started college at Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario, I got my first car.

You may have guessed it was a 1971 VW Super Beetle. Red, not Green, but otherwise much like Victor’s car.

I loved that little Beetle, not just because it was my first car, and my college car, but because it was a lot of fun to drive. I went everywhere in it, and to be honest, was not as conscientious as Victor must have been in taking care of his car.

I say that because I went through two engines in three years! Note to rookie air-cooled VW owners – be sure to check and change the oil regularly and adjust the valves!

I bought the car in 1977 – it would have been 6 years old at the time and paid $1700 for it. I did not know how to drive a manual transmission car at the time, and learning was pretty frustrating the first week or two. I recall driving to college the first day and swearing that the stupid car was not working properly.

Never mind – after a week or two, I was happily shifting like it was second nature. (Also – thanks to my Mum for shifting lessons.)

Alas, the winters of Ontario (and my young carefree attitude) took its toll on my poor Beetle, which started to rust in quite a few places.

After I graduated from Sheridan College, I decided to take a trip to California – a kind of celebration of graduating, so flew to LAX with a couple of college friends and discovered the good life of Santa Monica.

After the trip, I decided to move out to Alberta to get a job, and decided it was time to say goodbye to my little Beetle. I don’t know whether it got scrapped, used for parts or if someone decided to fix it up.

I moved on, had many cars since then, but always had a soft spot for that little car…



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