18 – Route 66 – Day 4

Written By: Globespotter - Sep• 14•12

At 8:30am sharp we drove across to Discount Tire, where they were expecting us. We talked to the young guy at the desk who said that the tires were pretty expensive – about $400 for 5 new tires! We told him that was cheap for Canadians!

We sat in the waiting room and had some friendly conversation with the people waiting for their cars. A lady there had battled cancer for years, but had such a strong spirit and attitude that we were touched by her story and glad to have met her.

When the car was ready, we set off, leaving not a lot later than normal, but still a bit behind, compounded with our delays because of the flat tire.

The car ran SO much better on the new tires! It had a bit of a shimmy before at speeds over about 50 mph, but now it could run up to 70 or 75 mph smooth as silk.

Sara HAD to remind me how she had originally said – “Dad – I think those tires are kind of old.”

Of course we HAD to stop off to see the restored Blue Swallow Motel in Tucamcari that we had wanted so badly to stay in.

We met up with the owner who was doing some touch-up painting and told her how sad we were that we did not get a chance to stay there, and again she was understanding and said – “Maybe next time.”

We left New Mexico and headed into the Great State of Texas.

We had to make a stop in Adrian TX. A tiny place – really only famous as the exact halfway point of Route 66.

We stopped at the Midpoint Cafe for some homemade apple pie and conversation with the friendly owner.


While we ate, the Bug rested at the Midpoint of Route 66, having faithfully traveled this far…
Our next stop was a place I have always wanted to go and was not disappointed – The Cadillac Ranch just outside of Amarillo.

We decided to stop for the night in Amarillo, since we had started late, but vowed to get an early start in the morning.

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