20 – Indiana and Ohio

Written By: Globespotter - Sep• 11•12

We missed the slower pace of Route 66, and now were really just zipping along on the Interstate through Indiana, around Indianapolis, into Ohio.

We had noticed that right rear tire kept getting low on air so I contacted Discount Tire, did a quick calculation and concluded that we could get to a Discount Tire in Columbus, OH – just off the interstate at lunch time, so made an appointment.

It worked out really well – we pulled into Discount Tire (and they addressed us by name!) and dropped off the car and walked across the parking lot to a restaurant for lunch.

By the time we were done, the car was ready. It had picked up a nail or screw so they patched it up – no charge. I was glad we had stopped.

We were on our way with no delay and took the bypass around Columbus, heading north towards Cleveland.

Sara had been very creative in using the Bug glovebox as an organizer in lieu of modern cars cup holders and associated compartments!

We crossed into Pennsylvania and stopped for the night in Erie, PA – now so close to the border we were confident of our schedule.

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