21 – The Border & Home!

Written By: Globespotter - Sep• 10•12

We got up in the morning in Erie, knowing our trip to the border at Lewiston, NY was not a long one.

We had to go to the Buffalo Airport first though, to pick up my Ford Escape.

From there, I drove the Bug and Sara followed me with the Escape as we traveled to the US Customs office at the border.

It was pretty smooth there as we had emailed the appropriate paperwork in advance as required.

They came out to verify the VIN and the car, stamped our paperwork and sent us on our way.

We crossed the border and reported to Canada Customs.

At this point we were lucky to have a great customs officer who did up all the paperwork quickly.

We were also glad we had pushed through to Erie the night before, as it allowed us to get to the border early when it was not yet busy.

With that, we crossed into Canada and headed home. Our trip was becoming a memory – one that will always be cherished.

I’m sure Victor must have been looking down, so proud of his Bug for faithfully making an over 3000 mile journey across the country.

I promised Victor’s niece that we would take care of Victor’s Bug like he would have wanted, keeping it for my ‘forever’ and passing it on to Sara for her ‘forever’ in his memory.

The Bug is truly a survivor, thanks to Victor Chu and his love for his first little car.


UPDATE – October 15, 2015!!!  Stay tuned for my next adventure as I have found and bought a 1977 VW Westfalia camper in Beautiful British Columbia!

While I won’t be driving it all the way home, I am flying out to B.C. in two weeks to pick it up and drive it to Vancouver to get it shipped by rail back to Ontario!

Victor’s Bug will have a mate to travel to VW shows together – Sara with the Bug, and me with the Westy! I can’t wait!!!
Check out my 77 Westy blog here

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