9 – San Carlos

Written By: Globespotter - Sep• 25•12

I had to pull off the highway to get something to eat, as I think that was part of the reason my headache was not going away.

We pulled off at Belmont, CA and stopped at Wendy’s for a late lunch. When we came back to the car, we tried to open the glove box and it would not open.

“Great” I thought. Sara said she knew our luck would not last forever after everything going so well the day before.

I tried everything to get the glove box door open but it was not going to budge. At this point we decided it might be Victor – not happy that someone else was driving his car. Silly as it might seem, we understood, and promised him that we would take good care of the car.

It did not work to release the glove box door, but nevertheless we felt he had made his point.

I grabbed the door and pulled it as hard as I could. I knew I would break the latch, but figured we would need a new one anyway. A few more pulls – about as hard as I could – who knew how secure Bug glove boxes were? – and the latch snapped and the door flew open.

OK – first issue – we can deal with this. Make a note to buy a glove box latch.

The meal helped my headache a bit, but I decided we should find a place to stop for the night.

We google-mapped local hotels and headed south on El Camino Real to the Holiday Inn.

It felt good to get off the road after a long tiring day. We rested for a while then headed out for dinner.

It was purely be accident that we discovered the adorable town of San Carlos. It was a perfect night – warm but not too hot, no humidity and San Carlos had a lot of really nice restaurants with patio/sidewalk dining.

We chose Piacere – an Italian place.

The meal was great, the service excellent and the atmosphere relaxing. It was a pleasant contrast to our busy stressful city day in San Francisco.



The sun was setting and the air was perfect. It was a nice way to end a stressful day.

Tomorrow we would head South on the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Monica.

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